Cat Friendly

Designed to provide your cats with a calm and peaceful environment from the point of registration to consult. Thought and care was put into the design and layout to keep your cat's stress levels to a minimum throughout his or her stay.


Our team specialises in providing cat care. Our highly experienced team are adept and efficient at diagnosing potential issues that your cat may be facing and at treating them.


On top of our regular consultations, tele-consults and house-call services are also offered to reduce the stress on cats having to travel to our clinic. This is especially important for more anxious or elderly cats.

Gentle Handling

We handle all our patients with utmost patience and care. Our team is trained to handle all cats gently. We believe that the soft approach is the better approach.


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From our customers


Dr Geetha is absolutely the most thoughtful and professional cat vet I’ve ever met in life. Her knowledge is amazing and she is so assertive in thinking thru my cat’s condition and understanding her state. She is gentle and kind with my cat, which is something not seen in most vets I’ve encountered. Thank you Dr Geetha. You’re an angel.

Ambient Walking

Dr Geetha is very professional, yet kind and warm. All the nurses were friendly and efficient too. The clinic is super clean&tidy, alll equipments new and the best part is the vet clinic is only for CATS, so very friendly for cats. And Mr Lion at the clinic always, I guess he is very popular, Looks like a big boss in the clinic, he consoled me by just sitting side by me, my sad heart as my baby has been sick were really getting better. What a great clinic!

shiom shiom

For Cat owners, who doesn't know Dr Geetha? Our own cat whisperer. Price is considered reasonable for Specialist Vet Clinic.

adi d

My cat’s fave vet Dr G! What would we do without her! We’ve followed her from Cat Clinic to here gladly. She saved my Momo when he was 9 months old almost 8 years ago and Dr G continues to be our saviour! Highly recommend The Cat Vet!

Evie P

Dr Geetha and her team is by far the best vet we had! The 1st vet we went to when we rescued our kitten gave him higher than normal dosage for his meds and he did not recover. We searched through the internet and we brought him to see Dr Geetha.
She really patiently took care of our rescue kitten, also she tried her best to follow up on our kitten’s condition, we really love it that she specialises in treating cats and her professionalism she and her team has shown is fantastic.☺️

Patrick Jiang

Dr Geetha was very excellent, patient, friendly and shared a lot about our cat’s condition as well.

Her staff at the reception is very friendly. If you’re lucky, you can see the clinic cat 😊

Definitely recommend Dr Geetha’s The Cat Vet if you’re in the area looking for a vet for your cat(s)


A very caring vet and great professional staff, providing friendly, patient and compassionate service. The professional staff includes the resident cat pictured, in all her magnificent glory. We switched over to them initially due to their specialisation but now, we found many other reasons to stay. Don't ask our cats though for their opinion.

Mohamed Basir

My goto vet for all 7 of my cats. I have been following Dr Geetha from one clinic to another for as long as I can remember.

When you get a chance to chat with her, you will realize, that she is in this purely for the Love of what she does.


Dr Geetha is an amazing vet. She's very detailed in diagnosing and expertly orders the most suitable examinations and treatments. Not to mention equally patient and communicative when explaining results and dispensing advice. She fixed my cat's bloody diarrhea when my other vet couldn't. She's really good with cats. I trust her with my cat's health more than I trust my GP with my own. Kudos to her team as well because their level of service is exceptional too!


The Cat Vet

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